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St George Utah Newborn Photographer- Getting Personal

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Stephanie Erin Photography, Uncategorized | 0 comments

A little snippet of my life right now. Photography in St George Utah will always be my passion, but till then…
and Food Photography.
I am obsessed with all foods, so naturally I photograph them often.
As a mother, I teach my children a variety of fruits an veggies is healthy for our bodies in different ways. I like to keep my children active in the kitchen too. We bond, eat and have happy lives.
Today we meal prepped some chicken tenders. These tenders are low carb, and are delicious with Parmesan mayo.
Check out the original recipe here:
I added a dash of veggie oil in my egg to help it go further. 12 tenders for 4 meals! Perfecto!
If I had an air fryer I would love to compare the texture of them to these oven baked ones.
If you make these, send me a picture and tell me how you like them!


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