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Maternity Sessions

Session Fee starts $145 + your collection

Collections begin at $500

Hair + Make Up add on $125

Maternity sessions are where it all begins. They are meant to be fun and adventurous! When photographing a maternitiy session, whether it is in my studio located in Leeds, UT, or on location any where in Southern Utah, I focus on your natural expressions and capture all the emotion your new bundle of joy is about to bring. I always pay special attention to detail and us my creativity as an art to provide you with a session gallery you’ll swoon over. I blend traditional and lifestyle photography styles to enhance the love between mom and baby.

What do I need to bring to my maternity photography session?

Pregnancy is a beautiful but hard process on your body. Stephanie Erin Photography recommends having some snacks or water on hand throughout your session just incase you need a little energy. Bottles of water may be the number one item to bring because the desert here in St George, UT can dehydrate an expecting mother very quickly. Your safety is priority during your session. Be sure to bring some shoes which are comfortable to walk in. Most of my studio’s dresses are long enough to cover any type of shoe. Some of my favorite locations do require walking, but I promise we will not be doing any hiking! If your maternity session falls during a cooler weather month, remember to bring a blanket or sweater. Most of my photography sessions are low maintenance and beautiful just as you are – but if you choose to have your hair & done professionally, it may be useful to have your make up artist tag along to touch up and care for any fly aways!

What should I wear to my maternity photo session?

Stephanie Erin Photography is happy to allow unlimited access to a full studio of designer maternity gowns to choose from. I have them stocked in every color of the rainbow. Or if you wish, you can wear something of your own. When choosing an outfit, I suggest something stretchy to show off your beautiful belly bump. Nude strapless bras that fit properly and nude panties are also a must. For clients who wear garments, it is imperative to wear spanks over top of them to cover up the sacred details.

Do I need to bring any props?

Props are a great way to personalize your session – so I propose bringing one or two items such as a small stuffed animal or some baby booties. It is definitely not required, but it is an option if you desire.

Will any retouching be included to remove stretch marks?

Stephanie Erin Photography’s style uses minimal editing & photoshopping of images. Additional retouching services are available upon request and will be subject to additional charges.

What does my session include?

It depends whether you choose a full or mini session. SEE GENERAL SESSION INFORMATION

Thinking about a gender reveal? 

Reach out, and we will customize the experience for you and your loved ones! 

Got Questions?

I've got answers! As I've said - all of my sessions are one of a kind, which means, if you have a vision, we can make that vision a reality! Just reach out, let me know what you're seeing in your mind... and we can discuss. Then, we'll get you booked to come see me! 

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