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Introducing: Hemlock Heritage, Your New Source for Photo Blocks

by | May 14, 2020 | Photography Gear, Props, Stephanie Erin Photography | 0 comments

Our memories are worth more than just pixels on a screen.

Each photograph is irreplaceable and needs to be displayed with pride. You may see you photos on your computer or phone, but you never truly FEEL it until you hold it in your hands.

That feeling is the one I strive to give my clients with each click of the shutter. If you have ever been to my studio, or even my home, you know how much a print means to me. I have snap shots, family heirlooms, and art which I’ve created displayed all over my house. 

There is no such thing as clutter when it comes to transforming your home into a museum of memories. Digitally, we can’t always prevent hard drive failures and viruses wiping out our computers. Printing hard copies of your images ensures they will never be lost.

Wood prints have been a focal point in my business. They are truly a part of me and recently I have taken them a step further to ensure love and care into each product I offer. I am officially announcing the new subdivision of Stephanie Erin Photography.

Hemlock Heritage. 

The Photo Blocks

Each print is hand crafted, by yours truly. I spend time carefully applying your image and ensuring the finish feels velvety smooth.

If you look closely, you can see the individually placed brush strokes used when sealing the image – I am mildly embarrassed to say I obsess over them a little, and I like to think it shows!

Order Now

There is an online hub for Hemlock in progress RIGHT NOW, but if you want to make an order before then, you can be among the first to secure them for yourself!

You can order photos you’ve taken to provide to your clients, or preserve your OWN family heirlooms. 

Hemlock Portrait Panels aren’t just limited to your photos, either! Art you or your children have created can also be preserved for years to come, and presented in your home. 



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