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We spent a whole week in search of the perfect dress for Shilo’s session – and even had to push her session date back in order for some extra shipping time. Before finalizing a dress choice, we discussed possible baby names for naming her little girl at her dress fitting. When she told me “Ellie” was top on her list I was thrilled since it’s the name we chose for our very own third born child.
Though the date had changed, we couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful day to photograph her bump though! It was cool, slightly breezy and overall beautiful! I teased her while making the easy walk to the location of the photo session saying it would put her into labor. Sure enough the-very-next-day she had her baby!
The cherry on top of the metaphoric cupcake of awesomeness was she was ALMOST born on the same day as our little Ellie. Shilo gave birth on May 27th to her Ellie and my Ellie was born May 28th.

I had the pleasure of photographing her little newborn in my studio yesterday – which also was the day I released Shilo’s maternity images. They are both beautiful gemstones!