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How to Photograph your Newborn in the Hospital

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It’s a scary world we are living in, let alone bringing babies into! I would have never imagined life like this when I was newly graduated from high school almost 12 years ago. I never would have anticipated quarantine living, mutated viruses, and tp hoarding.

These times are strange. With the Covid-19 zombie apocalypse at our door, you may not be allowed a photographer in the hospital at all. This breaks my heart, so nonetheless, here is my “how to capture the moment of these first few hours after your labor & delivery.” I hope these tips will calm the journalistic mom inside of you. You CAN capture the moment and there is always a professional out there to help guide you. Some photographers are even available to hire and edit your images for you!

Let’s get started: 

1. Have a time frame game plan. You need to know your room, a good understanding of light and angles. Plan to do your impromptu session early morning or late afternoon depending on the light of your window.

You want one light source – so that means turn the room’s lights OFF! Also, you want the window’s natural light to flow down your baby’s nose but also from the side!

2. Ensure you are shooting in a clean, clutter free room. You dont want random colored items in your background, and you especially do not want trash there either. Plan your outfits and accessories too!

3. As far as angles, never photograph up your baby’s nose. If you can see the bats in the cave, you need to move yourself to the other end of your baby! Be sure you’re above baby enough for a gorgeous bird’s eye shot. For safety’s sake, always have your camera strap on! You do not want to drop that camera on your new baby!

I always take four photos of one “set”.

The bird’s eye shot, the close up shot, the shadow shot, and the light shot.

4. Capture all the details too! Your baby’s umbilical cord,

their little piggies, clentched fists, everything. Remember to add in your personal items, change out the blankets for a larger variety, photograph your baby with a hat on, and without.

Freeze their little cry. Freeze their sleepy smiles.

5. Ready for your first family’s photo? Ask a nurse to take your camera an photograph you guys with the window to your left or right.

6. Download Lightroom app for your phone to edit your images. I sell an amazing preset that can help you get the perfect fresh 48 tones for your images. Check it out here: 

7. Mom and baby, dad and baby portraits. These are so important and not ones you want to miss. Have the window to the left or right and photograph looking over your partner’s shoulder into your baby’s eyes. Have them turn around and do this again. Smile at the camera. Close your eyes. Kiss your baby’s head. Kids your baby’s toes.

8. Your phone is a great tool, and phenomenal camera. Use it to your advantage. The app Moment is great for controlling ISO and shutter speed! Using a DSLR camera? I prefer the 35mm 1.4 sigma art lens! My settings are typically 7100k 1.6f 250ss and 400iso. Play around with it!

Want guidance or to hire me for a FaceTime fresh 48 session? Email me at hello@stephanieerin.net. I’ll walk you through posing and snapping photos at the right angles all from your phone.

Even if I cannot be there with you, I am here willing to answer all your questions


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